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MacBook Air (2018)


x2 (2017)


Envy x2 (2017)




Galaxy Book 2




Yoga Book C930


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Pixel 3

Pixel 3


Coming from a Nexus 6p the smaller form factor of the Pixel 3 was very appealing to me. So after due consideration I pulled the trigger and ordered a Pixel 3 instead of the XL variant. First impression...


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Smart speakers are so 2017. This year saw the rise of the smart display, with Google opening up its Home platform to third-party manufacturers like JBL and Lenovo, and Amazon putting out a much-improved version of its Echo Show. Smart displays add a lot of functionality to virtual assistants, facilitating video calls, step-by-step recipes, weather updates, and entertainment. Filling your house with microphones and cameras can also be a little creepy, something device makers seem to have realized as they've also added privacy functions, or in the case of the Google Home Hub, done away with the camera altogether.

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It improves on the original, but it could go further.

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Microsoft has come a long way since its rocky debut of the Xbox One, and this past year the company has had huge success with the Xbox One X. Microsoft has shown it can respond to its fans and put out a great system, but will gamers be ready to follow Xbox into the game-streaming future that Microsoft still believes in?

Posted   12.20.18