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Logitech's latest gaming headsets get a boost from better software

They also tout improved audio and, of course, RGB lighting.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
02.05.19 in AV

Software upgrades are sometimes more important than hardware, and that might just be true of Logitech's latest audio gear. The company has unveiled four G-series gaming headsets (the G935, G635, G432 and G332) whose common thread is G Hub, a new software front-end for customizing device profiles on a per-game basis. While Logitech isn't diving into details, it vows a "clean and modern interface" -- the earlier software was a bit confusing, so this could improve the experience across the board.

The headsets themselves have improvements, of course. The $170 G935 and $140 G635 are the first to use a new Pro-G 50mm driver that Logitech claims will combine serious bass with a "round sound profile." They're also the flashiest of the bunch with RGB lighting and 7.1-channel DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound. The only major difference is connectivity: the G935 is a wireless model with 12 hours of listening, while the G635 sticks to wires.

The $80 G432 and $60 G332 (both wired) eschew most of those luxuries, but you will get 50mm drivers. The choice largely comes down to your preferences for immersion. The G432 offers 7.1-channel audio, while the G332 is for those content with stereo.

All four headsets will be available before February is over.

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