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Instagram's famous egg teases big Hulu reveal at Super Bowl

The record-breaking egg is now the only account Hulu follows.
Mint Images via Getty Images

The moment that stock photo of a lone egg became a viral Instagram hit, it turned into a target for brands and companies looking to appeal to the social media-loving generation. It looks like Hulu had the best offer, though, because world_record_egg's latest post shows what seems to be part of a sponsorship deal with the streaming service. "The wait is over," it says in the description for a photo of a cracked egg with football laces. "All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl. Watch it first, only on @hulu." And what does the record-holding egg get from the deal aside from money? It's now the only account Hulu is following on the platform.

According to Variety, the teaser might be pointing to the 30-second ad Hulu's set to air during CBS' Super Bowl LIII broadcast. Whether that ad will come with an explosive announcement or some such remains to be seen. It's clear that the company's willing to spend big bucks to get the internet talking about it, though: Nik Sharma from digital agency VaynerMedia told The Atlantic that the account's first sponsorship deal will probably cost the brand around $10 million.

While the person behind the stunt still remains anonymous -- let's just imagine them as the goose that lays golden eggs -- they told The New York Times that breaking the record is just the beginning of a bigger project. If you base people's interest on the number of likes per post, people have already started losing interest in the egg that defeated Kylie Jenner's accomplishment. Depending on how much Hulu paid, though, the anonymous owner might now be rolling in dough.

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