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After Math: Score one for the good guys

Numbers, because how else does one calculate comeuppance?
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Oh what a week it's been. Apple is now valued at one trillion dollars, the NES Classic is still selling like hotcakes, one plucky hacker garnered a seven figure income from a single ransomeware attack, and whackadoodle conspiracy peddler Alex Jones was shown the door at two more streaming platforms.

10 million: Watching other people play video games is big business these days. Celebrity streamer Ninja can attest, his Twitch account just passed the 10 million subscriber mark.

2 more platforms: Few things restore my faith in the basic decency of humanity than watching Alex Jones get his. The right wing conspiracy theorist was booted from two more streaming platforms this week (in addition to being temporarily banned from Facebook and YouTube). Stitcher nixed his podcast and Spotify removed a number of his episodes for community standards violations.

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$1 trillion: Apple is now worth more than the state of Florida, because iPhones. Lots and lots of iPhones.

7,500 kills: You wish you were as good at CoD: WWII as TJ The Blind Gamer. But you're not. Dude's performance makes Erik Killmonger look like a raw recruit.

1995: That's when the NPD started tracking game console sales. It's also the year that Nintendo stopped making the NES. It's also also the last time that the NES outsold its competitors. Until the tail end of this June, that is.

Paris, France - October 08, 2015: Close-up of female hand doing purchase through payment machine

15 million: If you're going to go to prison for a crime, you might as well go down for something big. Like these three hackers who managed to abscond with 15 million payment cards. Almost makes those 26 felonies they're facing seem worth it.

$6 million: See? This guy gets it. If you're going to do the time, you'd better do a crime.

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