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FCC looking to accept 911 texting, MMS, and even streaming video

Tim Stevens

Texting has taken over mobile networks, and now it's destined to overwhelm our emergency responders as well. According to Wired Epicenter, the FCC is looking to follow in the footsteps of those trailblazing Iowans and expand its 911 services to allow emergencies to be reported via text message, and while at first glance that may sound silly, we can think of some times when it could make a lot of sense. Let's say there's someone in the house and you don't want them to know where you are -- texting is a lot quieter than talking. Or let's say the aliens are attacking and you don't have time to stop running -- a text is a lot quicker, too. The FCC is also apparently looking at receiving MMS and even streaming video so that you could send pictures and footage of their hugely advanced tactics. If these efforts are successful perhaps we can survive the coming trans-dimensional menace for just a little longer.

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